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You probably don't find many designers quoting Einstein for inspiration nowadays, but this one does. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Chin Kuan Win has loved animation since his childhood days and is unstoppable in his quest for knowledge.
Star Wars and Tron
Kuan Win-and of course a team of his classmates-are behind the short animation 'My Telatoli', a childlike reimagining of a rural evening. This Digital Animation graduate is now living one of his childhood aspirations. Kuan Win also takes pride in his imagination and sense of humour. "Sometimes while we were working or doing assignments, it could be pretty boring so it was up to me, the class joker, to crack some jokes or make a fool out of myself to reduce the tension," he tells us.
Flexibility in animation
The best part of Digital Animation for Kuan Win is the infinite possibilities it offers. "If you like making movies and always wanted to try something different, animation is also an option. You can be the director that comes out with all the crazy ideas and camera angle you could possibly think of and execute them all.

As long as you have an idea you can always try it out without hurting yourself or even the actor or actress." He also emphasizes the importance of a good foundation in design. "A lot of students don't notice it but I always think The One Academy's foundation year plays an important role in our work because it helped us develop our design sense," he explains.
Short Animation 'My Telatoli'
"Thanks to it, we are able to create something simple and make it stand out from the others. In a way it actually helps to make the things we do fuller and more beautiful." "At first, all I wanted to learn was 3D and animation but during my journey I gained a strange interest in interior and architecture design, industrial design, photography and even cinematography.
The exposure to 3D animation made me wonder how things worked. In order to model something in 3D we need to understand its purpose and function. Research is of the highest priority; Without any research, it's like driving blindfolded." When he needs to clear his head, Kuan Win goes for nighttime drives or attends aikido training. To those who aim to follow in his footsteps, he advises, "When I was in The One Academy, I liked to help out the juniors in their work especially in 3D. In a way, I am passing down my knowledge and experience to them so they won't repeat the same mistakes I made. If you are not clear on something, don't be shy and ask people because they might have the solution for your problems. Then the knowledge you gain can be passed down to others, and they will pass it down to someone else. This will help the communication between people and create more friends." A noble endeavour, and we wish this designer the best of luck in future.