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aaron Anderson
Majored In Interior Design
At a very young age, this 20 year old aspiring interior designer armed with a fiery Sagittarian spirit is already a creative visionary who aspire to scour the heights of architectural beauty in interior design.
Building Blocks of Success
Strong design sense and skills? No doubt about it being important as a graduate according to Aaron. "Of course it's very important, because if we don't have strong design sense, it is unlikely that we will be hired by future employers. Hence, a strong basic in designing is a must to face the challenges in future."
Living Out of the Ordinary
Design inspiration wise, Aaron readily admits that there is no famous designer or any particular artist he looked up to. "I don't have a "legend" designer who inspires me. But I have a friend studying graphic design and I looked forward to see his work so much.

He has won many competitions and seeing his achievements encourages me to become a great student in my college as well and that is why I keep joining competitions here to achieve something more, apart from living my college life."
6th Sense - Poster Design
Learning Curves of Achievement
To date, Aaron has participated in many national design competitions such as the Malaysia Ideation Award and Young Designer Award (YDA) to see where his design would stand against others in the industry, and said he would never give up trying out his skills as he gained a great learning experience from these competitions. "Don't be afraid of falling. It happens a lot but it will help you to build a strong personality in you,"