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Emmalynn Yam Kah Lai
Majored In Digital Animation
Emmalynn Yam Kah Lai is a good team player who takes initiative with strong determination. She thanked The One Academy for giving her great memories where she has learned leadership qualities and interpersonal communication skills.
The Right Game-Play
Gorgeously unique Emmalynn lives by three essentials everyday to get her going- Determination, Initiative and Team work. Why, because these three essentials has made her who she is today. One might think that being a perfectionist downgrades everything for trying too hard, but not in the line of Emmalynn Yam because in life, you aim to make it, not lose it. Like any other aspiring designer, the young Penangite arrived at the academy with dreams; a realistic dream that is, which Emmalynn strongly aimed for with her dedication to her education.
Balancing the Ball
Emmalynn described herself as someone who used to be quite a perfectionist. Sometimes, she finds herself focusing too much on completing a particular task where she would spend time fussing over unnecessary details.

However, as days spent at the academy, eventually Emmalynn learned to find her balance and began to view things in a bigger picture, and would only consider intricacy when there is time to spare. Although, it wasn't just finding balance in planning; balancing mind, body and soul was equally important.
Various Concept Artworks - Environment Conceptart of Agdistis Dione
Despite the hectic schedule at The One Academy, Emmalynn took the initiative to spend few hours a week at the gym. "Fitness really helped me in building my strength and stamina.
There's No Place Like Home
No matter how far we travel, there's certainly no place like home. Emmalynn hailed from the pearl of the orient Penang where it is known for its marvellous cultural Nyonya dishes and mouth-watering hawker food. Penang is also known for its old architecture buildings and beaches which gives the local and visitors a fascinating fusion of modernity while retaining the tradition and historical charm.