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Mohamed Sathom
Majored in Illustrations with comics
Mohamed Sathom says "Challenge Myself!" to overcome tasks, as it is a form of motivation that has helped him a lot during his journey. He is a determined youth who continuously improves both his skills as an artist and as a person.
When Knowing Your Self is All about Living
Sathom comes from the exotic Male, Republic of Maldives. A talented graduate from Illustration major who creates beautiful art has an incredible deep passion for creativity. Sathom sees himself as a person who enjoys learning new things as he enjoys expanding and sharing his knowledge with others. Whether it is about learning a musical instrument like drums or tech-related information, Sathom humbly learns from his peers.
Unforgettable Like a Scrapbook
Sathom's days at The One Academy has sharpened his artistic skills and widen his scope on life. He thanked the many brilliant lecturers that were always kind enough to impart their time and knowledge to the students. The challenge behind this intricate experience was the fact that he had to learn how to accept the orthodox mentality and critiques with an open heart and an open mind. Sathom realised that underneath it all, his lecturers did it out of love in the name of art.

Finding one's self in art
Sathom shared about an old saying back in beautiful Maldives, which roughly translates "A crooked laid, will raise a crooked building" which means, if one's basic foundation in art sense and skill isn't perfected, one would face more difficulties in advancing in the field because there will always be someone better, thus we must fight the good fight for our opportunities to be at par with those who are greater.