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Pham Duc Duy
Majored in Digital Animation
Unlike many others, Pham Duc Duy was only exposed to 3D movie much later and was spellbound by it immediately! As if he is thirsty for water, Duc Duy has a thirst for knowledge in 3D animation and wants to master it! Hence, his pursue in the studies of Digital Animation.
What feels like home
Having mentioned that he loves sampling the local delicacy of Bakuteh, Pham said that his hometown is abundant of good food as well. "Besides nice food, we have great places for travelling such as Hue, Ha Long Bay and Nha Trang with the nicest beach you can find."To find inspiration for his work, he looked up to idols like one the world's famous realist painters Lucian Freud. "He was one of the artists that I admire the most because he likes to paint people and so do I.
Drawing big dreams
After graduation, Pham said he would like to find a place to call his own in the working world. "I see myself working in big companies in Malaysia or somewhere else, either as a modeller or a concept artist for a couple of years and then I need to get married haha!" Pham's dream project is that someday, he can lead a team to work on an animation for Pixar. Looking further into his future plans 5 years from today, Pham said, "Perhaps, I will become an old guy with hot coffee in hand and sit somewhere at Pixar's hall.Of course that means that I will need to work even harder than all the artists in Pixar studio before I can get there,"

Environment Modeling
Sharing his million dollar piece of advice, "We must know how to manage our time well so that we can function effectively," Pham said that is important to observant in real life, and get inspired by masterpiece and drawings in order to improve one's design sense and skills. Let us wish Pham all the best in chasing for his Pixar dreams!