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Tan Zheng Joo
Majored in Advertising And Graphic Design
To quote, "As a visionary, that assembles the injections of meaning into our work at most of the time, it is impossible to not read; for reading not only encloses information but it is a form of imaginative practice, we are constantly imagining settings and an itinerary of reasoning and fantasies that make us feel the need to pursue to the end."
Preserving memories
Her observant character eventually transpires her passion towards pursuing Advertising & Graphic Design at The One Academy. Zheng Joo chose the major because she gets the most flexibility to incorporate a series of ideas into the designing process that is relatable to people. "I get to bring in the role of beauty using only the raw substance. I think that is pretty amazing and experimentally exciting."
Designing feeling
Zheng Joo tends to be very conceptual-based when it comes to designing and it is a stronger side of her, thought wise. Surprisingly, being inconsistent has also helped in meeting deadlines. "I hope to inspire others by involving them into the discovering process of all my works that will evoke some memories, feelings or the urge on viewers to ponder, object or question," said Zheng Joo, who teamed up with her mates to create a short film 'Fade' and won in Malaysia's biggest advertising award Kancil award..

Pencil Sketching
Made to inspire
She also confessed her love for print media and writing. "They're still the truest form of design compositions," Zheng Joo described how delicate it is to watch the words inked onto the paper. "Inside those words or booklet contained the rhythm of information, something that is again related to the attributes of feelings between the creator and the readers. As a designer, our job is to create a role and function for beauty to fit in as well."