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Eva Chong, Evie Chong
Majored In BA (HONS) Multimedia Design
As the saying goes, 'Great Minds Think Alike'; Evie and Eva Chong are a pair of creative twins who are quick thinking and quick learners. These inseparable sisters are alike in so many ways and it surely pays when both have strong perseverance qualities that ensure getting things done smoothly.
Two Sets of Footprints
Twins means two sets to almost everything while intuitively sense each other at times of need. The twins are even connected creatively as they share the same mentor, Eddie See Yew Lee-a comic artist for the famous local children comic 'Ge Mei Lia'. His works inspired Eva and Evie to pursue art & design at the age of 15.
'Born to Lead'
Both Eva and Evie carry out their important duties well in the student body. Evie holds the position as a Vice Treasurer and Eva, the Vice President of the Degree Student Commission of Union (SCU); a committee formed to organize orientations for the degree freshmen.

Though they may share the same qualities, Eva and Evie still have differences such as their post-graduation plans & goals. With good head on their shoulders, Eva is interested to pursue the animation field as her passion lies within animation & video games.
Hikari The Exorcist - Principles And Practices of Interactive Media
Her 5-year plan includes lecturing as well. Evie thinks she would dive into the game design or web design career; nonetheless if the future permits, she would love to venture into the education industry, Eddie See. "
Interactive Design's Bigger Picture
Apart from developing skill in multimedia design, the twins took up the course because in today's society, being interactive incorporating assorted mediums is a vital and powerful tool in communication. Without it, technology would not advance as it would be relying on traditional media which is effective but with the condition of slower results.