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wong chen li
Majored In Multimedia design

Wong Chen Li likes a good laugh as much as anyone else, but design to her is serious business.

From spaces to space bars
A native of the historic state of Malacca, Chen Li came to The One hoping to do Interior Design. Her batch's majoring talk, however, made her change her mind. "The works from the Multimedia major appealed to me so much. I was especially drawn to the Living Batik project that they showcased. I think that pretty much changed my mind to major in Multimedia (Design) instead. It gives me the opportunity to do more interesting projects."
A leader's stress
At the end of her journey with The One Academy (and after producing much high-quality work on the way, Chen Li's peers acknowledged her abilities by electing her as president of their graduating batch, Batch 68 (also known as Project Theta. According to her, the group was small but strongly opinionated. By the end of that experience, however, they had a great time making their graduation campaign succeed.

"I thank God we all made it through together. Sleepless nights, crazy workloads, people managing; all of these are experiences that I will draw from to help me grow," she adds.
Fragments of Memories
"I consider myself a good team player; a designer does not work alone, and being a good team player helped me to work with my course mates in our group projects. I can stay up late at night just to finish up my work."
It was the interactive element in Multimedia Design that ultimately drew Chen Li in. She explains: "I think when people are able to interact with a piece of work, they get more (from it) than just being fed with information. Communication is a two way street. I think multimedia design is able to provide a platform where people can be a part of that work."