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foo voon joon
Majored In Advertising And Graphic Design
To soar high in a career is to have good attitude. As a humble student, Foo Voon Joon certainly owns these traits as a good analyzer who is also patient and good-tempered, and as a friend, Voon Joon is a good listener and often analyses problems without being bias.
Sandwiching Creativity with Business
Hailed from the humble town of Chemor, Perak, Voon Joon came to The One Academy to learn the art of Advertising & Graphic Design on both levels of the marketing & design perspective. "I am fond of the concept in business management; I would like to be a good businessman someday too who is good in design because good design means good business," said Voon Joon.
'Not just your average Joe'
Voon Joon wasn't just a regular art student at the academy. He was very active in playing his part and contribution to his fellow college mates. Voon Joon was a Class Monitor of his batch and was also the Vice Treasurer of Project Theta, a graduation campaign exhibition organized by him and his classmates.

"I thank God we all made it through together. Sleepless nights, crazy workloads, people managing; all of these are experiences that I will draw from to help me grow," she adds.
6th Sense - Poster Design
A Definite Point to Ponder
Voon Joon is very grateful to his lecturer, I-Ching and their client who has inspired to create modern, artistic, yet eco-friendly altogether during their meet ups every twice a week or so. Upon completing their project to be presented to their client, Voon Joon and his teammates invested a lot of their time and energy into producing a perfect panel design even though the team had limited product design knowledge.