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wong szu jin
Majored In Multimedia design
Wong Szu Jin believes in being calm-abiding because it enables one to plan strategically in life; and it has surely worked well for the lovely positive thinking girl during the three years of her college-busy-life and completing assignments.
Water Worries Resulted An Award-Winning Insight
Szu Jin's interactive media work final project Blue Go Half is about educating the awareness on the importance of water conservation. As a result, it won bronze at Crowbar Awards 2010. "Blue Go Half is an interactive site to educate the audience about water footprint and reducing water usage as not many of us realized that producing things such as food and clothes consumed even more water than we normally do in the kitchen, bathroom, etc,"
Learning From The Best
Equipped with practical knowledge she learned at The One Academy, Szu Jin uses graphic and interactive approach to make the project more fun and educational. There is no specific designer that she admire or be inspired from, "Simply because there are a lot of talented designers out there from different countries that inspire me with their unique art style and innovative thinking, creating fun and meaningful works.

I am inspired and learn from the best to improve myself and keep myself in the loop of the trend," Challenge is part and parcel of life, as what Szu Jin experience from completing her solo project.
"Blue Go Half" won bronze at Crowbar Awards 2010
"The biggest challenge is the excessive information that I need to tell the audience. Content planning is the key to overcome this issue, so I have adapted the text into a graphic form for audience to easily understand my work."
Rising To The Challenge
"If I could go back in time, I'll work extremely hard and do my best in every challenge that is given to me. It took me two years to realise that. New challenges are always a great opportunity to learn more and improve myself." Szu Jin shared this million-dollar piece of advise with readers.